Coaching & Coach Supervision

Recently selected one of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches, Dr. Edy is a master executive coach and formally-trained Coach Supervisor, working with an elite coaching supervision community toward becoming among the first 25 credentialed Coach Supervisors in the North America.  She is

Blended Solutions

Dr. Edy creates and leads radically innovative interdisciplinary, multi-method interventions that help leaders, learners, teams, and organizations grow, laugh, learn, improve and energize while they rise to meet demanding performance goals.  Her Blended Solutions can include interactive classroom sessions, aerial arts

Energizing Keynotes & Leadership Training

Dr. Edy is an entertaining and sought-after speaker most frequently energizing groups while sharing insights and tools on increasing resilience from her award winning book Restore Yourself:  The Antidote for Professional Exhaustion.   For reviews of these programs, please see Testimonials.


“Edy Greenblatt is an effective executive coach, an outstanding educator, a thought leader in our field and a gifted problem solver.” —– Warren Bennis, Ph.D. leadership guru and Distinguished Professor of Business Administration; Founding Chairman of The Leadership Institute –

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“Restore Yourself” by Dr. Edy Greenblatt

Buy Edy Greenblatt's Book TodayWinner of the Indie Book Award for Best Careers Book, and declared top 10 Business AND Health & Wellness Book of the Year. This inspiring book translates years of thoughtful social scientific research into actionable strategies for bringing positive energy back into our work and lives. Restore Yourself not only advances the argument that restoration is critical to both productivity and happiness, it shows us HOW to find that energy and then capitalize on it every day. -- Monica C. Higgins, Ph.D, Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education Buy Now at