Recently selected one of Marshall Goldsmith’s 100 Coaches, Dr. Edy is a master executive coach and formally-trained Coach Supervisor, working with an elite coaching supervision community toward becoming among the first 25 credentialed Coach Supervisors in the North America.  She is both an International Coach Federation (ICF)  Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Senior Stakeholder Centered Behaviorial  Leadership executive coach.  With more than 950 hours experience coaching established & developing leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide, Dr Edy specializes in behavioral leadership coaching and coach supervision that combine approaches and methods used by the industries best and brightest (plus a few of her own special skills).  Both directly and through world-class providers including CoachSource, she provides stand alone coaching, instant ‘thinking-out-loud’ coaching as well as integrated professional training (Blended Solutions) in resilience, team effectiveness, feedback and leadership supported by coaching.   Dr. Edy has the unique ability to combine business acumen, intellectual capital, somatic understanding, brain science, a sense of humor, empathy and common sense to help her clients get the coaching results that they and their company’s desire.   She has offices in California, Toronto and Tel Aviv so it is likely you are in a time zone that she can accommodate.  Coaching can be delivered in person or remotely via Skype or Zoom.

Thinking-Out-Loud is one of our  unique short-term coaching options especially useful for acute or emergency situations.  After a 2-hour on-line group training, leaders at all professional levels can book private coaching appointments 90 minutes at a time.  Dr. Edy’s unique ability to recognize, define and help solve personal challenges (yes, we can even call them problems), makes it possible for her to help clients address acute, immediate concerns with an initial investment of as few as 4 hours.   If you feel stuck or are ready to face and solve a pressing, personal organizational challenge, call Dr. Edy now for a free phone consultation at +1.213.373.3914 or reach out to us by filling out the form below.