“Edy Greenblatt is an effective executive coach, an outstanding educator, a thought leader in our field and a gifted problem solver.”

—– Warren Bennis, Ph.D. leadership guru and Distinguished Professor of Business Administration;
Founding Chairman of The Leadership Institute – University of Southern California.

“Edy is a dynamo; be it as an executive coach, or working with a team to increase their energy levels applied to work that has to be done. She has deep expertise in, passion for, and a skill at knowing what can energize an individual or team like no one else. Unlike others with not nearly as strong credentials, she has a very down to earth, practical, friendly style that partners with you, instead of talks at you. She is the behind-the-scenes secret weapon for many leaders because she can bring clarity to an issue when the executive is stressed, or act as a sounding board to assist in thinking clearly through decisions. Edy brings cutting-edge techniques in engagement, but packages them in digestible bites for anyone needing to bring their A-game to work or tasks. And who doesn’t need more of that?”

—– Glenn O’Dell, owner – Executive Focus

“Edy is a dynamic speaker and trainer with a unique research based approach to the issue of eliminating personal and professional burnout. We took our department at Genentech through Edy’s Restore Yourself workshop and she received rave reviews from the team. She is also an extremely effective executive coach and we have had great results with her. I highly recommend Edy’s work.” October 14, 2010

—– William Annett, Director of Project Finance – Genentech

“I would like to pass on a big THANK YOU to you from the Aquarium of the Pacific. The entire staff who participated had a great time and got something both personally and professionally about team building from the experience. The morale and working atmosphere have lifted considerably. I also want to thank you for doing such a great job with everything. You were well prepared and had all the equipment and staff ready to go as needed.”

—– Steve Blair, Assistant Curator – Aquarium of the Pacific

“Edy is an true authority on structuring work and non-work activity in order to keep one energized, focused, productive, and happy. Her scholarly work provides the structure for her practice, both are grounded in the very practical need for most of us to find a better way to spend our time than slavishly working to meet deadlines and using ineffective “recreation” to numb our sense of meaninglessness. Read her book, call her. find an opportunity to work with her. Edy gets to the point and gets results with no BS along the way.”

—– Drew Harris, Associate Professor – Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Central Connecticut State University

“Dr. Edy is an extraordinarily talented and insightful executive coach. We had the opportunity to work together through peer coaching during a recent workshop she held in the area, and I found the experience energizing, empowering and unforgettable. If you are an executive looking to reboot your leadership skills, or an organization offering training to your employees, Dr. Edy is THE executive coach to hire.”

—– Margaret Cooperman, Consular Officer –  U.S. Department of State

“Recently I had the opportunity to participate in Edy’s workshop on Personal Resource Management. Edy’s work in this area is insightful and I found it personally relevant and actionable as a classic sleep-deprived small-business executive and father of young kids. Her delivery is energetic and engaging as well. I highly recommend having Edy present to your team or group if you are grappling with the issues of “work-life balance”, exhaustion, inconsistent focus and performance, or tardiness

“Thank you Edy. I enjoyed your seminar and talking to you so much that I ordered three of your books last week! (one for me and two for other managers). Thank you for all of the practical information you shared with our Vistage group and please do make sure my name makes it onto your email list, so I can receive updates from you from time-to-time!”

—– Dan Richmond, CEO & Co-Founder – MegaMeeting.com